Is it Safe to Get Same Day Dental Implants? Read This First

Is it Safe to Get Same Day Dental Implants? Read This First

There are many reasons to consider getting same day dental implants, including a lack of time to complete the procedure. Having one or more missing teeth can cause a person to have difficulty eating. Without a functioning pair of molars, a person cannot properly chew foods or take a bite. When these teeth fall out, they can cause pain, but the same day procedure can help prevent these problems.

One: To be a good candidate for same-day dental implants, a patient must be healthy and have excellent oral hygiene. A dentist should carefully examine the mouth and gums to ensure a perfect fit. A patient should avoid smoking and eating hard things. These habits can cause the implant to move out of place or require additional treatment. Usually, the recovery time is three to six months, and the patient will not be required to take antibiotics.

Two: Despite the ease of the same-day procedure, it is important to note that same day implants must be placed in the jawbone and undergo Osseo integration. This is a process that requires extensive skill and experience. Failure to adhere to this process may cause problems. Also, patients should not smoke or chew on hard objects, which can push the implant out of place. Even if the same-day dental implants can be installed the next day, patients must continue to follow their dentist’s instructions to ensure a successful result.

Three: Although same-day implants can be cost-effective, it is not recommended for people with gum disease, or other conditions that could compromise their oral health. Patients with decaying teeth are eager to restore their smile and oral health. However, it is important to seek the advice of a qualified specialist. This type of surgery requires precision and experience, and not every implantcan do it.

Four: Whether or not Same-day dental implants are safe depends on how you care for the implants. During the healing process, the teeth will contact the implant, and the surgeon will have to position the implant to avoid infection carefully. The surgeon will use a special adhesive to hold the implant in place. This glue is very strong, which helps the implant stay in place. Same-day surgery is also a good option for people who do not have enough time to have dental procedures.

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