Tips to Get the Best from Property Valuation Companies

It’s important to present your home positively to secure the best property valuation possible. This means presenting a clear floor plan, a clearly defined habitable space, and neutral furniture. While this doesn’t require a major renovation, it will make the valuation companies in Dubai feel more at ease and reduce the chance of an irrelevant comparison. Before the valuation, ensure that you’ve completed any renovations or DIY projects. Leaving a kitchen unfinished, for example, will significantly reduce the value.

Make sure you prepare for the valuation:

Prepare your property well before the valuers arrive. Do not leave anything out, such as dirt or stains from previous renovations. A few fresh coats of paint can increase the value of your property. Also, make sure that all windows and doors are open and in good condition. Providing information about hard-to-see features and recent repairs can help you secure the best price.

Always prepare for valuation:

Always prepare for the valuation, and remember that a valuer’s inspection is not a guarantee of a higher sale price. A valuer will want to see your property on the day it is assessed. As a seller, you should make the process go as smoothly as possible without spending a fortune. By preparing beforehand, you can be confident of achieving the maximum selling price. While you may be anxious, it will be worth it in the end.

Be friendly:

Being nice to your valuers will go a long way. This will be especially important if the valuer does several valuations in one day. It is essential to be pleasant and courteous, making the process more successful. If you haven’t done any renovations recently, it’s time to make them. In doing so, you’ll ensure that they’ll find your home to be attractive to potential buyers.

Make sure you provide all relevant documentation:

A valuer will ask for Rates Notices, as well as other documents related to your property. If you’ve recently sold your home, make sure you provide proof of it. If possible, collect the contact details of the real estate agents who have sold the property. Don’t forget to mention any hard-to-see features. It’s also important to let the valuer know about any recent renovations, as this could affect its overall value.