Equipment needed to start a workshop

Equipment needed to start a workshop

Opening a business can be easy but there are heck loads to things that you need for running a business. Even the most basic business requires a lot of equipment and office stuff to get started. If you have started a business of car workshop of Audi service center in Al Quoz then we understand that you will be investing a lot of money on equipment and office supplies.

Office supplies are easy to get but if you deal with specific car brands or latest cars then the more equipment you have, the better you have the chance to grow your business. Because people with cars always look for a workshop that happens to be a one stop shop for all the car needs. If you have invested in this business, then get some more money because we are going shopping for your car workshop equipment. Now a days, due to the lockdown, cars are less wondering in the streets and some workshops are winding up their business, it is high time for you to buy the equipment for less.

Air Compressor: this is the most basic kind of equipment and now a days, people even have small air compressors at their home. With this equipment, bikes, cycles and even heavy traffic vehicles can make a stop at your workshop. You can buy 120-gallon air compressor, it will be just fine.

Jack, Pole Jacks and Jack Stands: punctured tyres are the most common issue of any car, as you know that it is hell hot in UAE and tyres get punctured every now and then. For this reason, you need these three types of jacks. And you will need more than a pair, it is suggested that you get at least five pairs of these.

Oil Caddy and Oil Drain: since UAE is a big country, people travel to distant places just for work and it means that often they will be coming to your workshop for an oil filter change. There are two types of cars; one that have a drain hole and one where you have to pump out the oil. So, you need both of them.

Battery Jumper and Charger: batteries are the first issue of any car and sometimes, the batteries are just fine, they just need jump start and instant charge and they are work normally.

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