Tips for safe online transactions

Tips for safe online transactions

We have all been victims of online fraud and identity theft. It isn’t only the credit card holders who have been into fraud but it is also the merchants who have been fallen into the pit. In order to understand and work through online payment gateway in UAE, here are some tips which will help you through:

  • Be aware of security

There are so many apps and sites that we surf through which can leave viruses and malware in your computer or PC. This is when your system becomes vulnerable to hackers and crime. So before you make any payments or accept any – because most of them would ask for passwords – your system is free of third party influences or interference.

  • Secure connection

As important as it is to make sure your PC is clear or not, also make sure that the URL is valid and sounds like a safe connection. If anything looks or feels sketchy, then you must refrain from the site.

  • Consider reputable websites

Now that you know you need to stay away from sketchy websites, make sure that you are putting in your ID and passwords to a reputable website which you will have a secure connection, and if not then you can surely go ahead and complaint and know that your complaint would be heard. Reputable website will always use secure and known payment gateways. So be careful about this.

  • Consider credit cards

One of the main reasons that people prefer credit cards is because they are safe to use even on POS Dubai. Whereas debit cards are riskier to use because they are directly connected to your bank account and when such details leak out it is always scary while on the contrary credit cards aren’t connected to your bank account but instead they are linked to the credit card banks.

  • Refrain public computers

In fact we would suggest you to not use public computers at all because whatever you do, your passwords and sites will always be logged in and stay there making it accessible for everyone. Public computers and systems have a reputation for hacking into accounts and it becomes all the more vulnerable with your personal account details in.

With all these tips, we hope next time you will be extra careful with your credit card information.

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